Quality and Safety

Quality & Safety



At Khaya Nuts (Pty) Ltd, nothing is more important than quality and safety. We are certified by the South African Institute of Baking with a Superior

rating and our facilities are routinely inspected by third-party inspectors, allowing Khaya Nuts (Pty) Ltd to maintain and improve our HACCP programs

and Good Manufacturing Practices. Our safety and quality control regimen includes X-ray inspection, laser sorting, and hand inspection.

Some of our safety programs and certifications include:

HACCP Program
South African Department of Health Certified
Lot Traceability
Certificates of Analysis with Chemical Control
Plant Sanitation Program
Carrier Inspection
Metal Detection with Micro-Analytical Program
Product Recall Program
Vendor Quality Monitoring
Pest Control
Weights and Measures Control
Inventory Rotation Control
Just-In-Time Program
First In, First Out .


We have decades of experience in processing different

types of nuts to meet our customers food safety specifications. We know the importance for our customers

of receiving a dependable and consistent product. We provide a high-quality product by combining advanced

electronic processing equipment with highly focused and

well-trained personnel. Every nut that leaves our facility

has gone through a series of specialized pieces of equipment including optical scanners and is reviewed on conveyors by personnel before being packed and shipped.

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